Charter Digital Video Recorder Let’s You Catch Up On The Shows You Like

A DVR or digital video recorder is basically a unit with a hard drive that is connected through regular RCA connectors. A customized operating system drives the unit and the hard drive has the space needed for recording, buffer for live TV and the operating system. When you switch on your TV, the digital video recorder begins to make a temporary recording of what you are watching. With DVR, you have the power to control live TV. If you find something interesting, you can save it by pressing the REC button on your remote. Similar to a DVD player, you can pause, rewind a scene or fast forward it. You can return to programming by simply pressing the LIVE TV button.

Apart from controlling live television, you can schedule recordings too. If you are not going to be around, you can set the digital video recorder to record programs days in advance. The Interactive Program Guide can be used to select the future listing that you would want to record. Once you hit the REC button and confirm it, the digital video recorder will automatically begin recording from the show’s scheduled start time till it ends. Since the recording process is automated, it can be used even if you are out of town. You can also record a whole season of your favorite sitcom and watch the episodes anytime you wish. DVRs give complete control over your TV schedule. The Charter DVR can record two shows simultaneously. If you are watching a program and there is another program being telecast at the same time, you can set it to be recorded and watch the shows later.

Using the Charter DVR, you can easily build and organize your video library. The personal library can be easily accessed and you can see a complete listing of recorded shows by going to the Recorded TV category. With a click of the Play button, you can watch the recorded shows. You can also play, rewind, fast forward and pause your recordings like a regular disc player.

These are some of the advantages and features of the Charter DVR. By familiarizing yourself with the easy to use remote control, you’ll be able to access all features of the digital video recorder and make the most of it. Watching the programs that you recorded earlier can be nostalgic. In case of documentaries, it is always nice to have a copy saved, DVRs make this possible.