Charter TV® Channels

Charter’s Cable Channels offer you a multitude of options which is fully loaded with entertaining features. Mixed bags of channel lineups are available as packages. Pick your plan and get ready for loads of fun. Local and international channels fill up the void in your life and change your television viewing experience for good. Gone are the days when you had to wait in a long line to watch your favorite movie at the theater. Charter is setting new trends giving you the power of choice. Catch up with the latest releases, golden classics, smash hits, and evergreen Hollywood megahits from the most happening channels in the U.S.

Experience the thrill of action hits, comedy flicks, romantic comedies and more with Charter’s cable lineups. There is something in store for every viewer. It’s nonstop entertainment for you all the way. Ardent music lovers can seek ultimate joy with all their favorite music channels. Channels which are exclusively dedicated to music truly serve the purpose. Don’t let commercials bother you. Bombard yourself with jam packed music 24/7 with Charter Cable Channels. All genres of music such as classic, rock, pop, grunge, hip-hop, heavy metal and punk are served on your platter. Bring home the music of your choice.

Adventure seekers and travel lovers need not be disappointed. There are numerous travel and living programs, adventure sports, and even programs to enhance your cooking skills. It’s a great way to know a potpourri of cultures followed in different parts of the globe. Explore the white beaches of Thai or know more about God’s own country,” Kerala” sitting at home. Learn to cook the famous sushi or flavored continental cuisine from your place. There are international channels exclusively for Spanish viewers as well. There are programs to suit every viewer. Hit reality shows, cartoons, current news, fashion shows, award ceremonies and movies are all part of your home with Charter Cable Channels.

It would be unfair not to mention sports fanatics. There is no need to visit stadiums anymore. With just a click of the remote, catch up on all your favorite sporting events. There are exclusive sports packages designed keeping such fans in mind. Follow the latest updates on the weather forecast and the news headlines in your region. Keep  up with what’s making headlines around the world. Watch the stock markets crash and go up all from the comfort of your own home. For those who like to travel back in history and explore the lives of legends, there are exclusive channels dedicated to historical events. The Freedom of choice is in your hands!