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Charter cable company is here with great offers for your entire family. With hundreds of channels to choose from, you have latest hit movies, fashion shows, reality shows, sporting events, news and weather reports for your viewing pleasure. What makes your viewing more pleasurable is the stunning picture quality matched by fantastic theater-like sound that brings the action right into your living room. No more dull moments as the entertainment scene is set to reach all new levels. With Charter cable service, technology and innovation go hand in hand to ensure that you get only the best.

An impressive bundle of channels awaits you. You can choose from the different Charter cable packages available to you. You can now get the latest news, the happening thing in the fashion world, and the excitement of reality shows. Bring nature indoors with the vivid clarity with which you get shows on nature and wildlife that transport you to an unspoiled world far away from the din. Don’t miss any of the sporting events that are thrilling and action packed. There are plenty of cartoon shows and kids educational programs that will keep them occupied. Keep yourself updated about the latest weather conditions before venturing out.

High Definition

Watch the action unfold on your HDTV with a picture that is vivid and six times sharper with Dolby® Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. Never miss a detail or the nation’s top networks in high definition. You’ll also get access to 10,000 On Demand choices – including HD and movies in 3D. High definition breathes new life into your favorite reality shows, sports, comedies, movies and more.

On Demand

On Demand is a great feature from Charter Cable TV that gives you access to your own personal library of over 10,000 movies and shows, most of them for free including many of them in HD!  You can watch your favorite primetime channels as well, at no extra cost. Your favorite ABC® and NBC® shows are playing all the time only for your benefit. You get all this simply at the push of a button on your remote. Keep your adrenaline pumping by watching your favorite fighters with UFC or WWE On Demand, available anytime you are. Now you can go beyond Charter basic cable with On Demand.

TV Guide

The comprehensive TV guide from Charter Cable TV allows you to navigate from listing to listing with amazing ease. Parental controls allow you to decide what is best for the kids to watch. You can now mark your favorite channels and access them any time you want.  Program and search for favorite shows by title, keyword or category instantly. Use the TV guide to purchase Pay-Per-View programs and view only what you wish to view. You couldn’t ask for anything more, because with Charter Cable TV you have it all.


With the DVR from Charter Cable TV that is a special device which is technically brilliant. You no longer have to worry about missing any of your favorite television shows or movies as the DVR allows you to record these so that you can view them whenever you please. In addition, you can watch a show on one channel and have two other programs recording at the same time on the DVR from Charter Cable. With the astonishing DVR ability of pausing and rewinding live TV, you will never miss a moment of the greatly anticipated program! You can even program your DVR from any remote location away from your home, either through a computer or your smart phone.

Charter Cable Channels & Premium Subscription

  • Save when you order more than one premium movie package
  • 10,000 On Demand choices including many in HD – providing the best HD Channels & HD On Demand
  • Top rated TV Channels for you & your family

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